About Rochelle

I always knew I desired to create a beautiful life. However, after getting pregnant at 21, walking the graduate stage at 9 months pregnant then getting married by 23, I didn't know if it was still possible. 

Deep down I knew I still could have all that I desired for my life, I just wasn't open to having it at the sacrifice of my marriage, family & well-being. 

After several years of crazy un-balance, guilt-trips and exhaustion, I finally found my sweet spot (with the help of a coach) of building my dream life and business, having a beautiful little family and most importantly caring for myself as the true Divine Queen Mommyboss I desired to feel like.

Welcome to my side of the world mommyboss.

You too can create the life of your dreams, have the happy, cared for family & feel DAMN GOOD in the meantime!

Desire to create the same thing for yourself? Let's do it!