About Rochelle

I always knew I desired to have a BIG, beautiful life. However, after getting pregnant at 21, walking the graduate stage at 9 months pregnant then getting married by 23 and having our 2nd baby by 25, I just didn't know if it was still possible for me anymore. 

Deep down I knew I still BADLY wanted to have all that I desired for my life, I just wasn't open to having it at the sacrifice of my marriage, family & well-being at the same time! 

After several years of crazy un-balance, guilt-trips and exhaustion, I finally found my life purpose in the world of Transformational Coaching (with the help of my Multi 7-figure coach), took a leap of faith to start & building my dream business, ALONGSIDE my busy life and family, and have never looked back! I know work with other crazy ambitious Millennial Moms who are done setting for less of the life they desire and help them go FULL-FORCE towards creating it!

I help these mama's to drop the weight of their "baggage", aka their limiting beliefs, doubt, and FEAR and allow them to discover the tools necessary to create all that they dream of, minus the BS excuses.

I know what is POSSIBLE when a mama has a FIERCE DESIRE to succeed. I AM HER.

Welcome to my side of the world Mommyboss.

You too can create the life of your dreams, have the happy, cared for family & feel DAMN GOOD in the meantime!

Ready to step into the Fierce Millennial Mommyboss you desire to be? Let's do it!