About Rochelle

I am not too different from you mama...

A few years ago, I was in such a turmoil place. I felt like I was living a double life... like it wasn't truly me living, but a double of me, who wasn't truly the woman I knew myself to be before starting a family.
You see, I fell in love and had my first baby at age 21. Two years later, we got married and started our "official" family. A year after that, we welcomed out 2nd son into the mix... but first, let me back track a little.

I was ALWAYS an ambitious woman. I was my own version of QUEEN B. I was all about woman's rights, going after your dreams & living a BIG, BEAUTIFUL life. I had huge dreams of my own... to be an actor, travel the world & have my own talk-show like Oprah (BIG DREAMS, ohh girl I know!)

However, something changed for me once I became a "mama." And don't get me wrong, I was STILL very much ambitious, however.. I just didn't have the same FEARLESSNESS & Confidence in myself as I did as a young millennial woman. I started to feel guilty of wanting more..

I started to feel guilty of wanting more..of not being content with my life and little family. I then started to hide those "BIG" desires I once had. No longer did I feel truly worthy of them in some weird way. I almost felt like motherhood meant that I couldn't do as much as I would want to do, if I was single and ready to mingle!

I started to feel GUILTY of my deep desires of travel, romantic-love, success and freedom I craved.

I felt like I even started resenting motherhood (even just under covers).

I LOVED being a wife & mom to my two beautiful boys... but I missed the part of me that felt POWERFUL, RADIANT and ready to take the world as my oster.

This resentment turned into fights with my man... less patience with my kids... more shame & guilt about what I wanted vs what I had already.


I was totally being only in my masculine... forcing, pushing, and striving to survive as a mom, wife & new business owner. I didn't allow myself to receive.. to take better care of my needs and wants... I literally just felt like I was "GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS"... and not being fully present in my life, marriage or mothering to my kids.

After realizing that this resentment, guilt & force wasn't doing me any good.. I knew things had to change, or else, everything would come crashing down on me.

I began the personal journey of learning more about myself. I invested in a coach who would hold me accountable for my OWN DREAMS, while I managed my life as wife and mama.

I allowed myself to re-discover who "Rochelle" really was... underneath her roles.

I became more patient and loving towards myself.

I stopped hiding pieces of myself from my man and others. I showed up as me... the ambitious millennial woman who wants to be her own boss and talk-show host!

I allowed myself to raise my self-worth & confidence.

In short mama... I allowed myself to STOP PLAYING VICTIM in my life & consciously chose to step into being QUEEN.

I know what is POSSIBLE when a mama decided to take back her Power & step into the Radiant, sexy and Magnetic woman she always had within her. How? Because I AM HER.

Welcome to my side of the world Mommyboss.

You too can create a life, relationship & business/career that allows you to feel sexy, radiant and TURNED-ON to life again, while having the happy family & busy life!

Ready to step into your Feminine Radiance mama? Let's do it!